UCWG 095: Unceasing Self-Discovery Part 53 – Those Who Teach You

No one can show you everything. Just because someone has achieved a certain level of success, it does not imply they are capable of showing you how they got there. Many mentors are addicted to their role as teacher. They enjoy the power dynamic. They may feel threatened when a subordinate begins to overtake them. When this happens, they will develop unconscious resentment for you. Such a person can only ever teach you specific things. They cannot form a stable bond.

Advice is just a starting place. Consensus just gives you context for what others believe. It is not the end, but a direction to move in and examine on your own.

This is the 53rd part of a new daily short-hand series of podcast releases covering an integral approach to self-discovery and identity development. Come back tomorrow to continue the discussion or click here to see the other episodes in the Unceasing Self-Discovery series.