UCWG 090: Unceasing Self-Discovery Part 48 – Genuine Transparency

You live in a world that encourages you to acknowledge only what it warrants within you, neglecting what it contrasts with. You are trained to deny anything with the power to cause sorrow for the sake of social harmony. However you portray yourself, another world of emotion beneath the surface. Society taught you to appear comfortable at all costs, even when you are deeply troubled. You fear the social repercussions of sharing your insecurities, yet doing so publicly is the surest way to move beyond them.

Transparency changes you because it changes the world’s perceptions of you. You cannot easily return to the old way once expectations have risen. The new story you tell holds you accountable and allows you to finally bond with the people you desire.

This is the 48th part of a new daily short-hand series of podcast releases covering an integral approach to self-discovery and identity development. Come back tomorrow to continue the discussion or click here to see the other episodes in the Unceasing Self-Discovery series.