UCWG 033: Are Disruptive Events Essential to an Exceptional Life? Young People Escaping Conventional Career Paths with JC Preston of New Inceptions.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those with the qualities of leaders and those with the qualities of followers. Many who are naturally leaders do not have the bravery required to act on their leadership qualities. They need an inspirational influence. They need a catalyst to awaken them to the powerful actions of which they are capable.

JC Preston runs New Inceptions and the Angles of Lattitude podcast, where he shows young people how to acquire the qualities of leadership and self-direction in life. Most people have their leadership qualities suppressed by the traditional Prussion educational model almost everyone goes through in children. Society breeds followers and conformity, making those who do not naturally follow suffer immensely throughout life.

Evolution on a sociological level happens much slower than it can on the level of the individual, so there will always be resistance when the two do not align in their acceleration or trajectory. Without hope, individuals are almost certain to succumb to social pressures and sacrifice their individual motion.

Hope can come in the form of a mentor, a person who shows the struggling hero that it is possible to succeed in the path he is on.

Leaders stuck on a followers path need a disruptive event to jostle them, violently, from the suboptimal paths they are on. The pain from seeing everything they know shaken from its ordinary structure calls them to adventure outward physically, and bring their thinking to superior levels.

Someone has to first inspire you with the successful choices they have made before you can know that exceptional choices are possible. If someone

The ordinary path today is embodied best by the 9-to-5 work week. Entrepreneurs work to push themselves out of this stifling pattern of living.

To walk away from the path of the follower requires sacrifice personally and socially. The world will not automatically know that what you offer is valuable. The way you built your life before is no longer compatible with the new pursuits you chase. The pain of familiarity must be beaten by the longing for something new.

When you make a fundamental shift in your identity, you are never just changing one aspect of your life. The entire structure by which you designed your lifestyle before can come crashing around you. The older you get, the stronger your motivation for change needs to be.

Rebellious people, not matter how crude and immature their actions, are being leaders to some degree in their lives. They only know they don’t want what the rest of the world would choose for them. With proper mentorship, they could hone their outgoing instincts and apply them to something with longevity and impact. However, they have a loner mentality to their actions. They are obsessed with seeing themselves as alone, pitted against the entire world. They aren’t willing to consider that there are valuable influences out there who could share their experiences and light the way, if only in a specific domain of life.

JC Preston, New Inceptions - Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory Diehl

JC Preston, New Inceptions – Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory Diehl


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