UCWG 022: What Would It Take for You to Kill Yourself? The Futility of Trying to be Bigger than Your Own Death.

Danny Flood, Open World Magazine

Danny Flood, Open World Magazine

Danny Flood is a writer, entrepreneur, and world traveler who chronicles useful information about life through his website, Open World Magazine. He joins Gregory to discuss two recent deaths: a suicide by Gregory’s hometown friend and an adventurer named Justin Alexander who never made it back from one of his more dangerous trips.

Hope is the belief in random, positive change – the idea that the unknown future can be better than what you currently have. If you’re at the end of your rope, why not throw yourself into an experience you’ve never had before? What have you got to lose?

Our culture of death is to bury and get away from it as fast as possible because we cannot stand the reality of it. It doesn’t matter what people say about you when you are gone. It only matters how you perceive your own life. A better question to ask yourself is how the world will be different because you ever existed.

You forget 99.999% of the things that ever happen to you. Only the memories with strong emotional ties remain in your ongoing memory, whether positive or negative. What your brain decides is an important event worth remembering is mostly arbitrary.

You can figure out what you really care about by examining your strongest positive and negative emotional reactions, but only if you are willing to ignore social expectations of what you ought to care about.

Why do you feel like you need to leave a legacy after you’re gone? Why isn’t your life enough? Do you need to feel bigger than death?


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