The Most Terrifying Experience in the World

The most terrifying experience in the world is to not know who you are, where you’re going, or what you’re supposed to be doing. To travel without inhibition is to consciously embrace that fear. It is to accept that you do not always know what to do, because you do not even know the limits of what is possible. Until you have spent enough time exploring these limits, you cannot earn confidence in the validity of your life choices.

Many people are uncomfortable traveling on their own, but it is the best way to see things in a new light, unfettered and untainted by the perceptions of others around you. You will see the world without any filters, making the influence all the more meaningful. But that influence can also be destructive. There will always be something your mind is not ready to accept as real. It is something which lies outside the limits of your conception – something so awful by your standards of evaluation that it is antithetical to your existence.

You will want to run from it, because to let it take hold of you is to experience death. If you do not run, it will break you. To move willingly toward it is to enter the lowest possible point in your life: the dark night of the soul. It is your own personal hell, and the thing you have spent your entire life avoiding. It may make you nervous even thinking about it right now. You may now be putting up protestations to keep your consciousness safe from its intrusion. Sooner or later, one must reconcile the fact that there are parts of themselves which remain obscured by darkness and shadow.