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Sometimes we need a little shove outside our comfort zones. Join world-traveling entrepreneur and best-selling personal development author Gregory Diehl as he leads his guests on introspective journeys about love, sexuality, relationships, drug use, travel, politics, spirituality, the meaning of life, and whatever it takes to deconstruct your fundamental sense of self. Prepare to be talked down to. Prepare to reconsider everything you thought you knew about yourself. Resolve the contradiction within you so that you can live a better life.


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UCWG 100: Unceasing Self-Discovery Part 57 – Parental Attachments and Failings

Parents pass along the emotional loop of their suffering to their children, giving them the same arbitrary values and habits. You parents will always limit you so long as you grant them special privilege in your life. Only when you can see them as ordinary people, no different from anyone else, will you be free from their grasp.

This is the 57th part of a new daily short-hand series of podcast releases covering an integral approach to self-discovery and identity development. Come back tomorrow to continue the discussion or click here to see the other episodes in the Unceasing Self-Discovery series.

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