Coaching with Gregory

Use discomfort to become a better you.

Modern “life” coaching is a farce. Life is far too vast to be neatly explained by some know-it-all guru with a viral Youtube channel. Real learning starts with the deconstruction of false ideas you hold about who you are and how life works. Then you can arrive at a closer approximation of the truth.

Work with Gregory Privately

I will strategically antagonize you. I will show you the false barriers to your growth. I will challenge you enough to move you one step beyond comfortable limits. Then I will help you attain comfort in this expanded new world.

I help clients to:

  • Evolve recurring thought patterns and emotions
  • Discover core values
  • Form meaningful relationships
  • Peacefully dissolve harmful social ties
  • Understand the real motivations behind actions
  • Achieve psychological freedom

After working with me, you will:

  • Have clarity on who you are and what you want in life
  • Align your intellect with your emotions
  • Pursue important goals with purpose
  • Communicate intimately and authentically
  • Live with confidence in the knowledge of who you are
  • Approach obstacles with pride and strategy

How Coaching with Gregory Diehl Works

Most my coaching takes places through video or phone, but I occasionally organize in-person events for specific purposes.

During our first meeting, we will have the opportunity to assess your unique situation. Then we can determine the ideal way to meet your goals. The minimum time commitment for new clients is three months, but the frequency with which we meet for that time will be specific to you.

Getting Started

Use this form to schedule a complimentary 20-minute meeting with me.

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