UCWG 040: What if You Could Design Your Own Country? Starting a Sovereign Nation from Scratch with Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland.

Vít Jedlička is the president of the world’s youngest country. His new micronation, the Free Republic of Liberland, is only three square miles in size. It was established in April 2016 in an area between Croatia and Serbia which had been unclaimed by either country for many years. Unlike other emerging territories on Earth, there are no other claims to ownership on the land Liberland has been established on.

Founded primarily on libertarian values, the nation of Liberland is designed to cater to people who do not identify with the values of the place they were arbitrarily born into. Vít believes that people everywhere should be free to set up lives for themselves where they are free to live how they want, in line with their preferences and values. For most people in the world, their nationality and cultural values define their behavior and opportunities more than any other single factor in their lives. Without extraordinary effort to take these matters into their own hands by moving outside their culture and acquiring new nationalities, they remain slave to the social conditions of their birth.

What defines a nation today is nothing more than an arbitrary agreement among world powers of which boundaries matter and which do not. Throughout the world, there are over 100 areas which are considered disputed territories or demi-nations. Each is fighting for recognition among the leading world powers that are always in flux and generally taken for granted. The world does not have to look the way that it does, ruled by the groups that currently claim the power to make rules and raise armies to enforce their views. With changes in technology and philosophy, the layout of the world will evolve rapidly.

In its short lifespan, Liberland has acquired nearly half a million applicants for citizenship through its merit system, which will eventually award passports and citizenship to those who provide significant value for the development of the country. The team behind Liberland currently has the task of determining which of the many applicants adhere properly to the values they have declared for the nation, and which have earned the right to call themselves citizens by the time they are ready to start operating as an official part of the world political landscape.

Liberland is slowly being developed with physical structures and community activities, though it is still difficult to access the land. Currently, Croatia prevents entry into Liberland. In doing so, they are acknowledging that Liberland is a separate nation from itself. If Vít and his team go through the proper channels to establish their nationhood, Liberland will someday be respected by existing world powers as a real nation. Whether or not that ever happens, right now it still stands for an important principle of freedom and individual choice in how cultures evolve. Someday, nations will be far smaller and more personalized than the 196 monoliths we have now. Someday, they nations may be obsolete entirely.


Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland, Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory Diehl

Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland, Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory Diehl

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UCWG 039: How Do You Take the First Step of the Exceptional Path? Overcoming the Burden of Lifestyle Choice and Arriving at Your Own Authentic Values.

A regular listener of Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory joins the show to have an emotionally vulnerable discussion about breaking away from the ordinary life she is trapped in. She learns that as much as she knows what she doesn’t want from her life, she has never seriously considered what she actually values. She has had no rational way to take the first step away from familiarity and embrace the unknown.

The nature of living in a complex society is such that it seems nearly impossible to extricate your life from the constantly moving pieces of the machinery you have grown to live as part of. Stay stuck in the motion too long, and it becomes impossible to envision what your life can look like beyond its boundaries. As a result, even the people who begin to realize that there is more to their identity than what they have been told can never figure out how to take the meaningful first step away from the life they already know. They only know that that do not want to repeat the defining values they already know.

This idle suffering, if it persists for too long, can bring an exceptional young person to madness. In one form or another, they must begin to make meaningful decisions in the pursuit of their personal values. Above all, these choices must move out of the realm of concepts and into actions that challenge them, physical, mentally, and emotionally all at once. That is the only way they see what remains true for them in the face of great challenge.

The point of having values is to segregate and evaluate what actions to take out of all possible choices. Your values define for you what is right and wrong, what will bring you the deepest sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If you are never placed in a position to think with your own agency and arrive at a new choice with your values, you will always default to the values others have implanted within you. They have already made a million major and minor choices, so you don’t have to.

When you know the nature of your values, you will be able to reverse engineer the actions you can take, out of all possible actions, which will bring you closer to the embodiment of your values in your life. When you are thrust into the uncomfortable unknown, you will find that you have to make a choice. The nature of that choice will reveal who you fundamentally are.

In order to be able to make any sort of meaningful choice at all, you first need one vital thing as the foundation of your actions, and it is something notably missing in young people today (especially young women): self-worth. Without confidence in your wants and your abilities, you will never do anything new at all. This is the primordial step away from the life you already know: to believe in yourself so well that no matter what happens, you trust you will always thrive in the infinite uncertainty of the universe at large.

UCWG 021: How Can Life Be Happy, Perfect, Magical, Wonderful, and Comfortable All the Time? Feeling Good No Matter What Shitty Choices You Make.

Welcome to Comfortable Conversations With Gregory! On today’s extra special episode, we talk about how special and important you are and how to stay comfortable in any situation. Make sure you surround yourself only with people who believe what you believe.

Always find trivial ways to feel better about yourself. Never consider the possibility that you need to change whatsoever. Have a child so that you will always have someone to feel superior to and no one can question your parenting choices. If you live a really long time, it automatically makes you right.

If you have a title in your name (or a middle initial), you are really smart. If random men on the internet think about you when they masturbate, your existence is worthwhile. Spend a lot of time in loud clubs impressing strangers. Most importantly, talk down to everyone.

Happy April 1st, everyone. It’s always important to celebrate holidays and give in to the demands of your culture.

Reboot your operating system.

The first step to breaking free from the past is changing how your brain operates. More important than what you experience will be how you interpret your experiences. The same conditions witnessed by different people will create quite different effects. Your mind is a factory for turning raw observation into elaborate paradigms of meaning.

Why is extended time spent in isolation considered the worst punishment a person can endure by some, but a dear luxury to others who will go to great length to acquire it? Being alone with their own thoughts drives some people insane. For others, it is the most direct path to sanity. Each uses a different operating system to make sense of the world and their place within it. Each responds differently to what they encounter within themselves.

Your mindset is how you make sense of what happens to you and apply meaning to experience. It leads you to act in your own signature way as a response to the environment you are in. The patterns of your responses define your visible personality. Everything anyone else knows about you is a description of how your mind orders the chaos of its observations. You think it is a static thing, but in reality you are constantly creating it with each new action and interpretation.

Changing your mindset changes the course of your entire life. To become exceptional, you must immediately learn to see the world and your role within it in a new way. You are not the victim of your circumstances any longer. You are an interpreter given a lifetime of observational data to play with. You can test the flexibility of your mind. You can make whatever meaning you want. You can uncover the inner workings of yourself and society that so few ever acknowledge, if only you learn to harness your own mindset as the tool it really is. The day you do this is the day you stop being a product of your past and become an engineer for the version of the future you want.

Begin now by reexamining everything in your life that has come before this moment. Take something deeply familiar to you and will yourself to look at it with the eyes of a stranger. Do you see where you have added meaning to it through repeated exposure? When you can remove from your mind even the fundamental presuppositions of how reality ought to work, you have freed yourself from the world’s operating system. You are now ready to assign your own meaning.

You will have the most difficult time doing this with anything that carries automatic emotional associations in your mind. Before you even think about what something is and how it works, you may intuitively feel something about it. These unconscious emotions can be positive or negative, but they always color your interpretation of things. They are the most difficult to remove because there is nearly no space between the external stimulus and internal response.

Train yourself to question every emotion you feel. Emotions are not the enemy, but left unexamined they can lead you astray. No matter what you feel, look for the underlying causal factors. Ask yourself why something should make you so instantly joyful, terrified, enamored, or devastated. Realize which responses are not serving your identity and begin the difficult process of weaning your mind off of them.

There is great responsibility in rewriting the meaning of all things. Now you alone are the author of the story, and no one else can be blamed for how you have written things. Only an exceptional mind is ready for such a grand burden.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Your identity is, by default, defined by where you were born or the way you were raised. But it should not be this way. Nor should it be with your ability to do what you want in life.

It is tempting to settle with the influences we have early in life. They give us guidelines that we think that we can always fall back on when the life’s new challenges come too quickly or hit us too hard. If you have the courage to undo the foundations of your upbringing, you will open yourself to all the versions of yourself that you can become. This is how you figure out what you actually care about.

With enough breadth of experience, you reach a turning point with your life. You are no longer solely a consumer of influence. You start to produce influence for others to use. The specific type of influence you become known for is what will determine your place in the world among the rest of humanity. Reaching this point authentically is vital to your sustained appreciation for life. All other paths lead to eventual misery and a sense of separation from yourself.

The only reason you don’t already know who you are is because you have never had to seriously ponder the question. The world has always provided you a thousand prepared identities to fill your developing mind. There was never enough empty space for the discovery process to begin. Now that you have seen the empty space, you have only to make the choice to continue questioning the ideas already floating around in your head. You need only continue pursuing your thirst for the truth about yourself.

Finding yourself is not about adding more ingredients to your mental mix. It is about removing everything except the most essential parts of your experience. It is about reducing everything in your awareness to its simplest possible state, and resting in that achievement until motion is again needed.

The purpose of living (not the purpose of life) is to implement your true identity in the world. Every action you ever take stems from your present knowledge of self. Self should not be defined by the distractions in your mind or the relationships you’ve formed. Don’t allow yourself to be limited to the memories of how you’ve interacted with the world so far. You are bigger than that. Self is something primordial about you that must be arrived at, remembered, through the trials of pure inquiry.

Sometimes the inquiry is passive. Why did Jesus wait in the dessert for 40 days to “hear the voice of God”? Why did Buddha decide to meditate under the Bodhi tree after all his active experiments to reach enlightenment had failed? Insanity needs space to evaporate from the mind and dissolve into nothingness. In the aftermath, you will know that only you remain.

Your development is only now beginning. Your interests and abilities can be combined into something unique and powerful. The creature you emerge as can be a force for progress, but only if you are confident in expressing yourself. No matter what else the world concerns itself with, you will always have the option to stand tall and alter the flow of human thinking. But you won’t know what you really are until you’ve tried (and failed many times) to become more than what you think you are. It’s time to begin.

Follow the mythological path in life.

Our lives become a part of mythology when we pursue personal transformation through primordial patterns in the human psyche. We follow the hardwired path to arrive at superior versions of ourselves. The stories which have recurred with the greatest longevity in our cultures are those which appeal most profoundly to our underlying program for progression through life. They begin to form a map for how we can transform, a map which has been tested countless times over the years. They can be a light to show the way or a warning against failure.

With any great personal change, you follow the pattern of myth, as it reflects the underlying program of your mind. Different myths will have their own appeal at different stages of your journey. It will depend on the trials you have already passed and the knowledge you have acquired. Work past yesterday’s lessons to receive what comes next in the progression. Without mythological progress, people spend years stuck in a contained narrative loop, never learning the lessons of their trials. On the mythological path, you move as efficiently as you can from one escalating problem to the next. You take on what you are ready for as soon as you are ready. If your problems aren’t progressing, you aren’t ready for them to do so.

You’ll recognize where you are in the process by what mythological structures you find appealing. Stories of redemption remind us that we have something to redeem within ourselves. We revere parental relationships in fiction due to our primordial programming toward our own imperfect parents. When a mythological structure holds power in your life, pay it close attention. Look for the lesson that is waiting to seep into your mind. The most powerful hero myths persist across generations because they remind us of our potential to evolve and overcome. When you are ready, you will stop telling the myth and start living it.

You leave the comfort of your starting conditions. You enter the strange new world and discover something meaningful there. You take this discovery back home with you, altering your original conditions to match you. Every tale of character development, no matter the details, holds this at its core. From comfort, we go to discomfort, until it becomes a comfortable part of our new selves. The myth is cyclical, repeating on a larger scale with each return to normality.

Only a person operating authentically can follow the mythological path in life. They are the only ones who can learn the lessons each trial presents to them. Some people have so little self-worth that it destroys their ability to act at all. Others pursue external validation to fill the hole inside. They need to show themselves off, make themselves as big and important as they can in the narrative of the world. But their presence, however large, is not real. When this happens, they’ve trapped themselves in a prison of their own false self. Every action becomes about maintaining the illusion out of which they have built their armored cell.

Where they fail, you will succeed. Your great actions will not be demonstrating anything in the eyes of others. You will not work to conform your identity to the prevailing social narrative. You will only follow the logical thread of your authentic identity. The recurring themes in your life will be the mirrors that show you who you really are and where you currently are in the progression. Your repeated conflicts are the weaknesses you have yet to overcome. Your dragon is the great obstacle you cannot accept in the world. Your princess is your reward: the thing which is, ultimately, more important to you than any other achievement. You can learn from the many myths of heroes who came before you, fictitious or real. Use their lessons to find your own mythological path in life.

UCWG 016: What is the Value of Human Life? Knowing Your Worth and the Fate of Society.

“The only way you can determine who deserves to live or die is to know what the point of life is.”

Many have defined humanity’s essence or unique value by simple factors like consciousness, intelligence, or self-awareness. But what do these standards imply for the whole of human civilization?

Societies are organized around collective ideas about what the purpose of life is, or their utility in life toward each other. Every time you interact with another person, it is for a specific purpose. You expect a specific type of outcome. What determines success or failure? People need to migrate to circumstances or group settings where they will be found useful.

“If everyone were accountable for their own actions and nothing else, the world would be in a lot better shape.”

Who owns humanity? Who makes the decisions determining its fate? A dictator? Some other governmental entity? Or is it everyday people like you and me, each living out our own rules for engagement with one another? In the end, every comes down to the discretion of the individual in one form or another. Natural social selection will eventually wipe out the bad people.