UCWG 026: How Do You Experience Intimacy with the Various People in Your Life? Consciously Forming the Right Kinds of Relationships with Simone Sauter.

Simone Sauter is a veteran of Uncomfortable Conversations With Gregory. After her last appearance in UCWG 007: Why Do You Believe What You Believe About Relationships? she is back to talk about her concept of relationships has changed in her own life and in what she has seen in the lives of the clients she works with as a heartbreak coach. This time, we go far beyond conventional romantic intimacy and approach the subject on a larger sociological level.

Gregory discusses his recent unceremonious removal from the Dynamite Circle, the online entrepreneur community that originally brought he and Simone together as friends and conversation partners. After writing an unfavorable review of the professional services of one of the community’s more prominent members following a bad business experience, the community founder decided to remove Gregory with little explanation.

Gregory and Simone use this unfortunate experience as a launchpad to discuss how individuals and organizations can operate on premises of pretending that what is true is not true. This method of operation always proves unsuccessful and unsustainable in the long-run, as censorship can only temporarily delay the inevitable.

Sometimes we have to make a choice between what is true and what is comfortable. We also need to choose what kind of people we bring into our lives once we know where our allegiance falls. If you’re not authentic with yourself and the people you want to serve, your life becomes divided into a series of false stories you want to tell. The space between you and reality widens further as time goes on.

Nobody should be immune to challenge. Authentic people and businesses should welcome tests of authenticity. Integrity is doing the right thing regardless of social consequences (or lack thereof).

In order for a community of any size or kind to operate, the participating members must agree on certain fundamental values and relationship dynamics. Do you consciously choose the principles by which you interact with the people in your life? What qualified someone to be part of your life? How does this change for differing levels of intimacy and function?

To understand what makes for a good relationship of any kind, you have to understand your own operating principles (whether they are deal-breakers or mere preferences). To have a fulfilling sex life, you must understand your own sexual nature. Women are the most frequent victims of not having had the opportunity to discover their own sexual nature. If you don’t know your own sexual nature, how is your partner supposed to? One of the worst sexual experiences for a man is to not be able to read the responses of his female sexual partner. Women never learn about their own nature, and thus cannot share this vital part of themselves with their partners.

Intimacy is the dissolution of barriers between separate parties. Guard yourself against excessive intimacy when it is not safe to remove your barriers. Allow yourself to become intimate with those who align with your principles – physically, mentally, emotionally, and everything inbetween.

Simone Sauter - From Pain to Power

Simone Sauter – From Pain to Power

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Be more than a spectator in your own mind.

How do you know what you know? The way an exceptional person answers this questions is starkly different than how others do. This is, potentially, the most powerful question in the world, for it works as the master key to unlock all other human knowledge on any subject ever studied. It shows you how to unlock the total power of your own mind. Without a correct understanding of how to use their potent minds to receive new information, intelligent people will lead lives of wasted opportunity. The principles of effective thinking are what allow you to tap into the totality of your capabilities. Effective thinking makes your curiosity viable.

How can it be that people so wholeheartedly disagree on some of the most important aspects of life? We are all living in the same reality operating under the same shared rules. We should all be able to arrive, independently, at a consensus for the fundamental issues we all face. Yet, this is far from accurate. Every person in the world is using their own mechanisms through which they arrange the architecture of their thoughts, connecting all ideas together in the invisible space of their minds. The way people do this ultimately defines how they perceive everything.

Ordinary people are slaves to their thoughts, which branch outward in any direction without principle or discretion. They are more like passengers than they are drivers in the vehicle of their minds. They spectate, but don’t participate, and even as spectators fail to observe with precision. They can only watch as ideas spread from one mind to another, and they cannot help but express aloud whatever whim presently entertains them. Such a person has already entered the preliminary stages of brain death and complete vegetation. Thoughts behave no longer as functional components of life. The more ideas they are exposed to, the more they become obstacles to a cohesive worldview. Education is now their irreversible enemy.

You, on the other hand, will make thoughts your greatest ally. Thoughts are tools for meaningful action in exceptional people. Applied correctly, they don’t just serve your own immediate needs. They can be communicated and scaled to create a better world for all people, even those who never hear or understand them. All this rests upon first knowing the mechanics of how thoughts flow in a reasonable. Without reason, the flow breaks out into a flood.

With practice, you will not think a thing is true merely because the idea entered your mind. You will develop a capacity to hold thoughts in your temporary memory without rooting them as truth in your larger mental map of reality. You will acquire the processing power to play with contingencies of possible truths and evaluate the outcomes of individual propositions by their own merits. Only after making it to the proving grounds of implementation will an idea become a working part of your reality. You will know truth when you encounter it because it will be derivable from the observable principles of life. This is how you will build your thought architecture: one logical brick at a time.

To pursue the reasonable path requires patience and principle. The weak-minded have neither, and so they default to whatever paradigms already populate other local minds. To arrive at your own understanding, you must be willing to think in opposition to the ordinary mindsets around you. Even when you agree with their conclusions, your reasons for doing so and the path you took to your ideas will remain imperceptible to sleeping minds. If you try to express your internal architecture, you will find the common soil infertile for your sprouting thought seeds. They will not listen, because they cannot listen. You do a disservice to yourself by expecting them to operate beyond their capacity. Salvage your time and mental energies from this trap.

Not all efforts to communicate are wasted. When you see that you have activated latent curiosity in other minds through your out-of-place thinking, your exceptional tribe will be suddenly expanded. Surround yourself with others who seek reasonable answers to life’s curiosities. Populate your mind with the wisdom of those who have applied principles to their own mental mechanisms and recorded the output from generations past. Only be cautioned against adopting all thoughts without scrutiny, no matter the source. You alone are responsible for what you introduce to your own internal architecture. Observation and reason will be your guides.

UCWG 017: Is Your Personal Brand a Lie? Showing the World Who You Really Are.

Bobby Casey, Global Wealth Protection, Uncomfortable Conversations with Gregory

Bobby Casey, Global Wealth Protection, Uncomfortable Conversations with Gregory

Bobby Casey works in the controversial “offshore services” industry helping people structure their business and manage their money with little-known opportunities around the world. These kinds of activities have earned great scrutiny from the mainstream financial world due to the misinformation, trickery, and illegal actions they are often associated with. Bobby shares stories from some of the less reputable contemporaries in his niche that have conned unsuspecting clients out of tens of thousands of dollars through phony passport or land buying scams.

“It’s important to be ethical with your personal brand.”

No matter what industry you work in or kind of life you lead, everyone is playing a character role in the narrative of life. Some get so good at telling the story of who they want the world to perceive them as that meeting after getting to know them through the false persona they create is often disappointing. The people who make the most effort to posture themselves in a certain way publically are often the most miserable behind the scenes.

“If you never tell a lie, you never have to remember what you’ve said.”

Authentic people don’t seek adoration from strangers. They aren’t obsessed with social stature or threatened by others’ success. Their only goal is to live genuinely. Many “professionals” today, particularly those who work online, are only good at promoting themselves as a figurehead for something. They cannot actually do the thing they promote themselves for. It’s important to find your own path, but be honest with that path.

“In the modern world, it does not take long to spread a bad message about someone, and a bad message will spread a lost faster than a good one.”


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